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Commendations | City of Amarillo – Police Department

Everyone likes a pat on the back when they do a good job. Amarillo Police Department employees are no different.  The Amarillo Police Department is eager to learn of instances where you feel an officer or civilian employee performed in an exemplary manner.

Commendations, like complaints, help the agency gauge overall customer satisfaction with our
performance.  We encourage you to share your opinions regarding Amarillo Police Department
employees and the services provided to you.

You may submit a commendation by taking the time to complete the on-line commendation form below.  You may also commend an employee by contacting any supervisory member of the police department either in person or by telephone at (806) 378-6170.

Your comments will be forwarded through the employee’s chain of command and be reviewed.  After the review, a copy of your comments will be placed in the employee’s personnel file and the original document provided to the employee.  We appreciate your time and comments on our

Personnel Commendations Form

  Date Filed: 09-26-2017

Submitter's Information

Name of Person Making Commendation:

Home Address:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

If you have no phone, how can you be reached?


Details of Commendation

Date of Event:

Time of Event:
hour: minute:
Location of incident:
Name(s) and/or badge number of each Police Officer involved and patrol unit number, if known:
Name, Address, and phone of any witnesses, if known:
Describe the details of the incident and the officer's actions that are the basis for the commendation.

For assistance in completing this form, please contact the Training & Personnel Division at:

200 S.E. Third Avenue
Amarillo, TX 79101

(806) 378-6170

Your statements will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate parties. Thank you for your involvement.

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