Training Personnel

Captain Jimmy Johnson is the Training and Personnel Division Commander. Training and Personnel Division coordinates recruiting, hiring, training, licensing and records of all police department personnel.

The Professional Standards Manager is responsible for ensuring Departmental policies and procedures remain in compliance with Best Practices standards. In June 2009, the Amarillo Police Department qualified as a Texas Police Chief’s Association Foundation (TPCAF) Recognized Agency. Recognition through this program assures Amarillo residents and visitors that they will receive the highest quality of law enforcement available.  It also ensures law enforcement professionals who seek employment in Amarillo that they will work in a department with the highest levels of integrity.

The stringent, voluntary evaluation process required the Amarillo Police Department to prove compliance with more than 164 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices developed by Texas Law Enforcement professionals.  These Best Practices cover aspects of law enforcement such as use of force, protection of citizen rights, pursuits, property and evidence management, patrol, and investigative operations.

The Amarillo Police Department chose to subject itself to a careful review of its policies, procedures, equipment, facilities and operations for many reasons, but the most important reason is our mission:  To continue to make Amarillo a safe place to live, work and visit.

The Quartermaster is responsible for ordering, issuance and return of all issued equipment.

The Academy Training Sergeant is responsible for the supervision and training of all recruits and advanced training of officers.

The Range Sergeant supervises and coordinates all weapons training and qualifications.

A Captain is responsible for supervision of all aspects of the division as well as teaching many courses of instruction in the licensed Amarillo Police Academy, including the training and certification of emergency vehicle operation. Along with the Captain, Training and Personnel is comprised of three Sergeants, one Corporal, one Patrolman, and three civilian staff members.

Training and Personnel Division is located on the fourth floor of the Amarillo Police Department, 200 S.E. 3rd Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101

Contacts for the Training and Personnel Division are:
Receptionist (806) 378-4263
Personnel Tech (Civilian Applicants) Kelly Hixon (806) 378-9462
Personnel Tech (Sworn Applicants) Beth Thurmon (806) 378-4291
Division Commander Captain Jimmy Johnson (806) 378-6170
Professional Standards Sgt. Robert Gabel (806) 378-6127
Academy Sergeant Sgt. M. Martinez (806) 378-4006
Range Master Sgt. Mitch Woodard (806) 359-2067
Recruiter/Background Investigator Cpl. Justin Graham (806) 378-4077
Recruiter/Background Investigator Cpl. Casey Ogden (806) 378-9456
Recruiter/Background Investigator Ofc. David Young (806) 378-6181
Quarter Master Gloria Carlile (806) 378-9482
E-Mail [email protected]

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