Cpt LesterCaptain Jeff Lester is the Detective Division Commander. The Detective Division, located on the 3rd floor of the Police Building, is responsible for the follow-up investigation of the majority of criminal cases occurring inside the City of Amarillo. The Division is split into 2 sections, adult offender cases and juvenile offender cases. Investigations of adult cases (offenders aged 17 and older) are assigned to five separate squads according to the nature of the crime. The Crimes Against Persons Squad investigates child victim crimes and sex offenses. This squad also administers the Department’s Sex Offender Registration Program. The other 4 squads are Robbery, Burglary, Theft, and White-Collar. The Robbery Squad investigates robberies, domestic violence, and assaults. The Burglary Squad investigates residential and business burglaries. The Theft Squad investigates thefts and vandalisms. The White-Collar Squad investigates financial crimes, identity theft cases and auto theft. The Juvenile Offender Squad investigates criminal offenses and status offenses involving offenders under the age of 17. The School Liaison Squad, Juvenile Offender Squad, Crime Scene Investigation, Pawn Squad, Traffic Investigation Squad and the Student Crime Stoppers are all assigned to the General Investigations Lieutenant. Detective Division also maintains the Department Polygraph Program.

Contacts for the Detective Division:
Administrative Assistant:
(806) 378-4251
(806) 378-4262
(806) 378-9402
(806) 378-4258
Victim Assistance:
Ms. S. Valenzia: (806) 378-6107

Division Supervisors:
Division Commander:
Capt. J. Lester (806) 378-4269
General Investigations Squad Leiutenant
(Juvenile, School Liaison, CSI, Traffic Investigation, and Pawn):
Lt. K. Albright (806) 378-9412
Crimes Against Persons:
Lt. E. Brown (806) 378-9411
Robbery Squad:
Lt. J. Krizan (806) 378-4243
Burglary Squad:
Lt. S. Rickwartz (806) 378-9403
White-Collar Squad:
Lt. B. Landrum (806) 378-9416
Theft Squad:
Lt. J. Zang (806) 378-6135

FORMS/FILES: (Applications, Forms, Documents or Links for public use)

Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Database
Information on Crime Victims’ Assistance
Trace and report stolen property for citizens

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