Mission Statement

The prime functions of the Amarillo Police Department are the preservation of the peace and order, the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the protection of person and property under the laws of the state, the protection of the innocent, the enforcement of the laws of the state and the ordinances of the City and the performance of a multitude of tasks relating to public welfare and safety. For these purposes the police are endowed with legal authority. In the exercise of this power, justice and equity should be ever the actuating motive.

To achieve true success, the Department must win and retain the confidence and respect of the public whom it apd staffserves. This can be accomplished only by constant and earnest endeavor on the part of all officers and civilian employees of the Department to perform their duties in an efficient, honest, and businesslike manner, and by exemplary conduct cultivate in the public mind, the fullest realization that the Police Department is a most vital requisite to public well being.

Efficiency is the first rule of an officer’s conduct. Police officers should remember that in the execution of their duties, they act not for themselves, but for the public, and that their appointment is in no sense for their own advantage. The entire law regulating their function hinges upon this principle. They are required to be governed by no feeling, save zeal to do what the law commands, and should never allow passion to urge them to brutality, nor fear, favoritism, or sympathy to induce them to illegal leniency or neglect of duty. Officers must bear in mind that they represent the dignity and authority of the state and are representatives of the law to whose lawful demands all must submit, and such submission can be compelled when necessary. They should use no unnecessary force nor hesitate to use necessary force when circumstances require. The Rules and Regulations hereinafter set forth are compiled, adopted, and published by the Chief of Police for the information, guidance, government, discipline, and administration of the Police Department of the City of Amarillo, Texas and its officers and civilian employees. They are prepared to present to all employees of the Department, the duties and obligations required of them in the proper performance of their duties. Any violation of these Rules and Regulations will be made the subject of disciplinary charges against all persons responsible for such violation, unless otherwise directed by the Chief of Police.

Since it is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise, or to prescribe the specific action requisite for each case, something therefore must necessarily be left to the intelligence and discretion of the officers of the Department. Those entrusted with law enforcement must be relied upon to exercise good judgment and apply sound common sense at all times to make police service equitable and effective.

As employees of the City of Amarillo, officers and civilians assigned the Police Department are likewise bound to obey all rules, policies, and procedures of the City of Amarillo. It will be the duty of every employee to familiarize themselves with the contents of these Rules and Regulations and conduct themselves in accordance with its precepts. Ranking officers are enjoined to instruct subordinates frequently to exercise due diligence and zeal in the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations issued therewith. In the event of a real or perceived conflict between these Police Department policies and any other City rule, policy, or procedure, the employee will seek advice through the chain of command for clarification from management.

Ignorance or misunderstanding of any of the provisions of the Rules and Regulations will not be accepted as an excuse in the event neglect charges, emanating from failure to observe the Rules and regulations, are necessary.

The right and power is reserved to alter, amend, add, or rescind, in whole or in part, any of these Rules and Regulations or to make additional ones from time to time as the circumstances, or the good of the Department, may require.

All previous rules, regulations, and orders in conflict with these Rules and Regulations are hereby revoked.

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