Contact Us

To report an Emergency 9-1-1
or TDD Equipped Emergency 378-6146
Non-Emergency 378-3038
Non-Emergency – TDD Equipped 378-3038
Information Desk 378-9452
Response to email is not possible after hours or on weekends


Email: [email protected]
Admin. Assistant 378-6101
Internal Affairs 378-4200

Crime Prevention Unit

Email: [email protected]
Admin. Assistant 378-4257
Crime Stoppers 374-4400 / Email: [email protected]
Student Crime Stoppers 372-8477 / Email: [email protected]

Detective Division

Burglary Squad 378-9403
Special Victims Unit 378-9411
Crime Scene Investigation Squad 378-4253
Juvenile Offender Squad 378-4258
Robbery Squad 378-6135
School Liaison Squad 378-9439
Theft Squad 378-4243
Traffic Investigation Squad 378-4250
White Collar Squad 378-9416

Narcotics Unit

Email: [email protected]
Narcotics Investigations 378-3076
SWAT 378-4267

Service Division Shift Supervisor

Email: [email protected]
Information 378-9452
Property Section 378-9400
Report taker 378-6152
Taxicab Permits and Auction Inquiries 378-6150
Alarm Ordinance Inquiries 378-6153

Special Crimes Unit (Homicide)

Admin. Assistant 378-9468

Training and Personnel Division

Email: [email protected]
Police Academy 378-4263
Civilian Employment 378-9462
Sworn Officer Employment 378-4291

Uniform Division

Email: APD Uniform Division Secretary
To request an officer contact dispatch at: 378-3038
Patrol Admin. Assistant 378-4256
Patrol Supervisor
(Call Dispatch if no answer)
Dispatcher 378-6157
PACE 2nd Shift 378-9304
PACE 4th Shift 378-9442
Motors 378-6143

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