March 10, 2013 Robbery Toot ‘n Totum, 3101 Plains Blvd.

On 3-10-13, at about 7:15 AM, officers were sent to the Toot ‘n Totum, 3101 Plains Blvd., on a robbery.  The suspect walked in with hands in pocket and demanded the money from the clerk’s register.  She did not see a weapon but from his actions she advised he had implied he had one.  She handed the suspect the cash and he wanted to know if that was all she had.  She pulled the black drawer out showing him it was empty and he demanded a carton of cigarettes.  He took the carton and walked out.  Suspect described as 5’7-5’8, 150-160, gray hooded winter coat with a covering over his face up to his eyes, a baseball cap and blue jeans.

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