Local man, 45, arrested for Agg Aslt and weapons offense after traffic accident last night…

On 12-6-12, at 12:33 AM, officers responded to a reported accident in the 1100 block of N. Taylor.  The officers were advised that one of the people involved had a handgun.  Responding officers found a red 1999 Mercury Cougar that had struck a tree at 1102 N. Taylor.  It had extensive front end damage.  There was one person in the vehicle.  Officers approached and saw a handgun in the seat of the vehicle.   They took the driver, Robert James Marshall, BM age 45 of Amarillo, into custody.  They recovered a loaded .22 caliber pistol from the front seat of the vehicle.  While they were investigating the incident, two people in a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria stopped at the scene.  The driver of the Ford was a black male, age 46.  The passenger was a white female, also 46.  They told officers that Marshall had been chasing them and had intentionally caused a collision between the male’s Ford and his Mercury as they travelled south from 12th and N. Taylor.  Marshall then pulled up beside them on the passenger side and was attempting to run them off the road.  The driver braked suddenly to avoid the second collision.  Marshall passed them, swerved across in front of them, left the roadway, and struck the tree.  The two also related that Marshall had made a verbal death threat to them earlier in the evening at her place of employment near IH-40 and Soncy.  This had already been reported to the police.  The female identified Marshall as her ex-husband.  Marshall was treated for injuries received in the accident.  Officers then booked him into the Potter County Correctional Center for two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and felon in possession of a firearm.

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