Amarillo man robbed in movie theater parking lot

On Wednesday December 5th at approximately 11:07pm, officers were dispatched to 9100 Canyon Drive, the Hollywood 16 reference a personal robbery. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the 20 year old male victim, who stated he had parked his vehicle in the parking lot and was walking up to the front of the theater when he noticed 2 male subject running towards him. He stated the males were yelling at him to show them his hands and were approaching him in a very aggressive manner. He was afraid they were going to assault him or something worse. One of the suspects told him to give them all his money, at which time the victim pulled a loose bill out of his front pocket and threw it on the ground. One subject picked up the money and both subjects took off running back into the parking lot. The victim immediately got on his cell phone and began calling the police. As he was doing so the suspects apparently heard him on the phone and they proceeded to drive over to his vehicle. The suspect in the passenger side of the vehicle then punched out the window on the passenger side of his vehicle. The suspects then left the area in a 90’s model Ford Ranger. The victim stated he recognized both of the suspects as acquaintances in the past but had not seen them in several months and could not think of any reason why they would have attacked him in this way. The victim was not injured. The incident is still under investigation. 


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