11-29-12: Three arrested after traffic stop…

At approximately 11:00pm, officers were sent to the 4200 block of SE 16th on a report of a man with a gun who was driving a white Toyota midsize car. While officers were responding to the area, they observed a white Toyota Camry approaching the intersection of I40 & Bolton. Due to the matching description and the close proximity to the original call, officers initiated a traffic stop on the Toyota. At first the vehicle began to accelerate away from offices but eventually the vehicle turned onto a residential street (1700 S Spring) and stopped. The officers approached the vehicle and began to identify the occupants, and while doing so they were able to see several narcotic items in plain view. The officers asked for and received consent to search the vehicle. Officers located a clear plastic baggie containing what appeared to be marijuana sitting in the console near the gear shift, a small clear plastic bottle containing marijuana behind the front passenger seat. Officers also located a clear plastic baggie containing what appear to be methamphetamine and a brown paper spindle with marijuana in it.  Additional searching of the vehicle revealed a laptop computer that was stolen in a personal robbery from the previous week. The hearing impaired equipped computer ($5,000 value) was identified and returned to the owner. Officers were told the weapon that was involved from the original call was thrown from the vehicle as it was turning onto the residential street. Offices went back to the area and located a 9mm pistol lying in a dirt parking lot near I40 & Spring. The following individuals were arrested and booked on a variety of charges. Allan Chase Watson W/M 27, 3-26-85 was booked for Felon in Possession of a Firearm and 3 local warrants; Reyna Marquez Aguero H/F 27, 1-30-85 was arrested for an outstanding warrant for Possession of Dangerous Drugs, and an original charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance penalty group 1, over 1 gram less than 4 grams, and Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia; Alejandro Gabriel Lujan H/M 27, 11-15-85 was booked for 3 capias warrants, 3 Randall County warrants and an original charge of Possession of Marijuana. The 4th occupant of the vehicle was released.

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